Hôtel Welcome Villefranche-sur-mer

Hotel Welcome - Villefranche-sur-mer

Hôtel Welcome - Villefranche-sur-mer

Prestigious City of Côte d'Azur Villefranche-sur-Mer offers upon arrival, either by the low average or high ridge, spectacular views. Villefranche-sur-mer, radiant city with its port and citadel of the sixteenth century, at the foot of the vast amphitheater of hills and the majestic curve of the shore, owes its creation to its former cachet 130 years BC It has retained many vestiges of its origin who have made, with the constant variety of colors, the City of painters and artists. Marine City at the location, it has become a tourist ports of the Cote d'Azur, place of call for many cruises. The best units of French and foreign fleets spend several times a year in its harbor. Villefranche, the picturesque fishing port constantly renewed, is also home to a flotilla of pleasure boats, side by side with yachts cruises. The charm of Villefranche is owing to its mild climate, a condition which enables the exuberance of exceptional flora and sumptuous bloom. Villefranche has a special congress center, within the Citadel, enabling both at work than at rest. The Office of Tourism Villefranche provides on request all relevant information for excursions, walks, boat trips, or visiting the surrounding villages.
Chapelle Saint-Pierre
Hotel Welcome - Villefranche-sur-mer - Chapelle Saint-Pierre
"When I open my window on one of the most beautiful bays in the world, St. Peter's Chapel is just down, throws me the wink of his left candlesticks of the Apocalypse" Jean Cocteau.

The building of the XIV century is located on the fishing port. In 1957, Jean Cocteau decorated with murals evoking the Mediterranean and episodes from the life of St. Peter. The chapel belongs to the probity of the fishermen of Villefranche. It is classified as historical monuments December 27, 1996.
Jean Cocteau came to the Welcome when oversaw the work of the Chapel
He left the father of the current owner of the hotel design (reproduced on a mosaic in the lobby) and a dedication: "Welcome my dear, where I spent the better of my life, "Saint-Pierre 1957.
Access: In front of Hotel Welcome.
Eglise Saint-Michel
Hotel Welcome - Villefranche-sur-mer - Eglise Saint-Michel
The church of Saint-Michel in the heart of the old city, was erected in the first quarter of the fourteenth century and was transformed in the late eighteenth century. This church has taken the features of Italian baroque. It houses many pieces of art including a painting of St. Michael, a Christ carved eighteenth century (moving out of a convict) and a polychrome wooden statue of St. Roch. This building is classified as historical monuments June 26, 1990. The church is one of the most interesting of the County of Nice by its harmonious proportions, the richness of the altar and the communion table in marble. It hosts regular exhibitions Access: From the Welcome hotel, up the street from the Church - 3 minutes walk.
The old town
Hotel Welcome - Villefranche-sur-mer - The old town
Visit the Old City with its narrow winding streets and street Obscure located 50 meters behind the hotel. Listed as a historical monument in 1932, is a magical place that plunges you into the medieval atmosphere of Villefranche. "Behind the hotel, do not miss the street who appears in Dark Testament of Orpheus, Cocteau is filmed meeting with his double" From an article in The Argus Press - Summer 1995.
The Citadel
Hotel Welcome - Villefranche-sur-mer - The Citadel
This monument of the sixteenth century has been built to prevent any attack from the sea since 1543 is the war to our shores, the 110 galleys Barbarossa arrive at Villefranche, raiding, burning and destroying everything in their path.
It was restored in 1979, it now houses the City Council, the Municipal Police and a cultural center (Museum, Auditorium, Theatre de Verdure) and a flower garden with views over the sea
Access: 2 minutes walk to the west of the Welcome.

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